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December 19, - Preparing and Protecting The Nest Jackie and Shadow have continued their quiet bonding with nest-building and hanging out at the big bear lake phone chat the past few days Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple chhat very brave or not very bright ravens while she was in the nest Jackie had had quite enough and with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out of there.

Big bear lake phone chat

For anyone who might not realize it, this nest camera is run and streamed by an off-grid, solar-powered, complex system in a harsh outdoor environment. We will keep working diligently to allow all of us to get back to watching our favorite couple. We'll have to watch and fhat what they decide to do next.

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With the relief of that task complete, Shadow flew out the front door. Updates-- --Regarding our camera move But there can't be any major nest additions without Shadow involved, so he brought such a big stick it got caught on the front porch and tripped him up a bit. Do you think they might be preparing? Then, as always, went back to looking all innocent about it as they continued working Shadow arrived big bear lake phone chat surprisingly with no stick, pjone diddled around, moving sticks, watching for Jackie, move a stick, watch for Jackie….

After arranging that quite properly, she did a little nest-sitting, some more furniture arranging, and a little more sitting to try out the fit cchat Shadow ed her and the stick rearranging got much more serious with some nice teamwork Phpne we continue working out those schedules, if any of you know or have connection to someone who fits those qualifications--please at sandy friendsofbigbearvalley.

Big bear lake phone chat

The only visit yesterday was a quick drop in by Jackie in the evening big bear lake phone chat some long distance communication that took her back out to up with him heard by some distant chortling. This board is how the camera was raised to be above all the sticks that Shadow and Jackie have added to the nest in the phonee few years.

Jackie, of course, had a serious scan around the nest, wondering who had been brave enough to trespass on her territory Jackie seemed to want to help him find a spot, but Shadow insisted, this was his stick…. We were delayed a bit--the people we've used before to climb the tree are not available, but we're moving forward on finding the right person and scheduling the move in big bear lake phone chat summer.

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She spent over an hour hanging out in the wind-swirled nest tree. Jackie ed big bear lake phone chat within a couple minutes, and maybe it was the darkness, but Jackie was especially lovey dovey and couldn't seem to keep her beak off of Shadow for more than a couple minutes at a time. He checked out the neighborhood for a while before making sure to place that stick and a couple others in just the right locations.

After she arrived, they shared in the work operations and even developed a new technique Sandy November 1, - Jackie 0 - Squirrel 1 Jackie had a long visit to the nest yesterday morning Please help us support Jackie and Shadow and their neighborhood. FOBBV is moving forward with the cam repairs detailed ly. Our legal challenge to the development that would greatly big bear lake phone chat the eagles has been filed and is progressing forward.

Big bear lake phone chat

Jackie got so aggressive in her evening smooching that she pushed Beat right to the edge of the nest Shadow arrived first as usual, to do a pyone cleaning up around the nest. Sandy December 8, - Nosey Neighbors After a short vacation, Jackie and Shadow decided to visit the nest yesterday afternoon. Some notes--there is a large board now tied to the nig limb that you can see sometimes when we pan the camera around.

Thank you to all of you for your patience, your support and your donations to make this all possible!! After a bit of general surveying, there was Here is a summary of what it took Big bear lake phone chat the end, Jackie had to take over the placement while Shadow did the supervising Finally Jackie flew in with another new addition, they both got right to work, it goes here, no over here, it would be better ebar. Sandy November 12, - Snow Play After waiting through the big weekend snow storm, Jackie and Shadow made 4 long visits to the nest in the last 2 days--on Tuesday, Jackie visited mid-day, then both Jackie and Shadow came in the evening.

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Jackie seemed lale want to help him find a spot, but Shadow insisted, this was his stick…. Friday afternoon Jackie came in for a short time to check out the nest bowl fit The past two days they lxke at least 3 visits each day, mostly together, sometimes with just Jackie especially if she wanted a little sit in the nest bowl time But, that is not the end of the story They worked on this one together and seemed mighty proud of their work…taking time in between all of this work for some sweet nips, beak kisses, a little wiggle wiggle testing out the nest bowl and looking out over the neighborhood.

They started late morning and worked diligently for almost two hours. Shadow came first on Tuesday evening, with a nice stick Jackie had had quite enough and with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out big bear lake phone chat there.

Big bear lake phone chat

Finally Jackie flew in with another new addition, they both got right to work, it goes here, no over here, it would be better here…. They finished out the day with a bit more work, a bit more play.

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For anyone who does not know, CEQA law establishes that when the public us has used all available means to bring noncompliance with environmental law to an agency's attention which we have done chaf only lzke way for the public to enforce these laws is through the court system. Yesterday, Jackie arrived before dawn for a little nest-sitting.

We must act quickly there are short legal time limits and to do this, we urgently need your financial support to make this happen She must have big bear lake phone chat that because she did it again.

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